Hello! We are 32CM.

Communities come in all shapes and sizes.

Our partnership with you are made to measure.

32CM understands that community is intangible and it can appear in many forms. However, strength can be found in numbers, results can be exponential, and each of us can make a difference. Together, our streamlined efforts will be palpable and meaningful.


Shots of the Arts (STARTS)

Connect with the creatives and discover how these individuals form a part of a vibrant arts and culture community that thrives on imagination and tenacity. 

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Somerset by Youth (SSBY)

Somerset by Youth gets walls at Somerset. It is time we own the space and let Somerset be set by YOU!


We love having conversations and are always thrilled to have new friends, contact us at hello@thirtytwocm.com or drop us a message for coffee chats! 

Thanks for reaching out!