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Tony Goh

The cage that lets you run free

59-year-old Tony Goh was ready for a semi-retirement job when he started The Cage at Tengah with a group of like-minded partners. Little did he know that he had to 're-tyre' to build traction and to keep the place running. Tony self-proclaimed that he is not creative but he likes to build things from whatever unwanted materials that are available. It takes ingenuity to do that. 


Sustainability starts from home. Tony embraces the true meaning of up-cycling by using discarded bottles, wood and metal that are found within the shores of Singapore. His industrious homies, ClinkclankclunkSemicolon Works and Triple Eyelid are in line with this philosophy. Together, they run their workshops, continue their craft-making and community-building within the 'walls' of the Cage.

Any more questions? Just Ask Tony.

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