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Come 6-15 January 2023, Somerset by Youth Pastel Nagomi Art Festival will culminate in a week-long exhibition at *SCAPE. Two youth PNA artists will be sharing their journeys in this art medium and conduct live workshops. There will also be a mass PNA drawing exercise by Art Peace founder and instructor, Audrey Ng. You can either join us at *SCAPE The TreeTop or online to paint at the comforts of your own home. Sign up to secure a spot!



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Pastel Nagomi Artist, 29 years old

I graduated with a degree in accountancy from RMIT and a diploma in business information systems from Republic Polytechnic. My hobbies are arts and crafts, and volunteering. I enjoy volunteering with seniors because they are actively ageing. I was a programme curator for a project where I planned and organised art activities for seniors. With my enthusiasm, they enjoyed the activities. I was also a volunteer befriender in a few regular projects where I engaged beneficiaries (children, seniors, special needs) in theme-based activities.

Pastel Nagomi Art is a new art form that I had picked up during the Covid-19 lockdown. I started learning Nagomi art from free online workshops.  It helps to reduce stress when I paint using my fingers. Whenever I am free, I will paint. 

Pastel Nagomi Art brings out many positive impacts on one’s personality. I do Nagomi art to make myself happy and prevent myself from throwing tantrums when problems arise. Whenever I am down, I will use Nagomi art to heal myself. People can also use Pastel Nagomi Art to destress themselves from work or studies.





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Pastel Nagomi Artist, 29 years old

I am currently an Associate Instructor for Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art. Before I came across with Pastel Nagomi Art, I was exploring other art forms, such as water colour and charcoal drawing, through various avenues. Such exploration is valuable for a beginning artist like myself because it equips me with the basic knowledge of perspectives and tonal range. I ‘bumped’ into Pastel Nagomi Art through random videos recommended on YouTube. I was captivated by the beautiful artworks done by dry pastel blending using fingertips. This discovery amazed me as it creates beautiful landscapes, cute animals, delicious desserts, colourful galaxies, solely through simple blending using the fingertips. Since then, I decided to start my self-taught journey for Pastel Nagomi Art.

Honestly, it is challenging to manage a full-time job and my interest in art. However, thanks to advances in technology, I am able to continue my Pastel Nagomi Art journey through various online platforms. I started to sign up for online courses and art jamming which allowed me to further enhance my skills.

I met many people who have encouraged me to continue my interest in Pastel Nagomi Art as well as to explore different possibilities. As my commitment grew, my journey became more structured and concrete, I then pursued to be an instructor.

Pastel Nagomi Art has given me confidence to be open and communicative with others. My hope is that this journey would lead me to more opportunities. I believe that my journey as an instructor, will allow me to reach out to more people and encourage them to explore Pastel Nagomi Art.

My work experience has allowed me to understand young children. The children nowadays show and experience many forms of stressful thinking. Besides children, adults around me have also shown and experienced unhappy and stressful situations which leave them, I believe, frustrated and vulnerable. Pastel Nagomi Art has the magic of creating calm and relaxing surroundings through the vibrancy of colours and blending using the fingertips. Such ‘magic’ has a therapeutic effect on my well-being as a whole.

Pastel Nagomi Art allows me to take a break from the hectic schedule and create works that could be appreciated by all. When I am doing my art pieces, time tends to slow down or disappear. I am in my own world, and I feel free. Whatever stress I have faced for that day, seems to melt away.

Pastel Nagomi Art encourages me to express myself freely and creatively. I enjoy every single moment of the creative process, and I feel energised after completing each art piece. No matter how the art piece turns out, I feel a sense of accomplishment. It is clear that Pastel Nagomi Art is not about achieving perfection. What matters the most is the process of reaching inner tranquility and discovering our inner self. It allows us to stay grounded and not be blown away by challenges in life.

Pastel Nagomi Art allows people to capture and recreate significant, memorable moments in their lives. In this ever-changing world, Pastel Nagomi Art encourages us to express ourselves, as well as to collate memorable moments into a montage of life stories.

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