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In the span of 7 months, youths will team up with their mentors to dream up and transform spaces along Somerset Belt. With your vision, talent and newly equipped repertoire of digital and artistic skills, you will come up with new art pieces ready to be put up along Somerset.




Ernest Goh_photo.jpg


Visual Artist

Ayer Ayer

Ernest Goh is the founder of Ayer Ayer, an ecologically-engaged initiative that reaches out to communities through visual and experiential projects that foster environmental protection and sustainability through participatory artworks and citizen science.


Ayer Ayer's focus on ocean plastic pollution in the regional waterways of Singapore has led to the creation of public art, research and education projects that have reached multiple public and private organisations in the region, while design and engineering projects develop methods in recycling plastic waste in a closed-loop system. Ayer Ayer has since set up art studios and research outposts in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Sam Lo_photo.jpg


Independent Artist

Sam Lo, aka SKL0, is a Singapore-based visual artist whose work revolves around social commentaries fueled by daily observations of their surroundings and research into the sociopolitical climate. Their intrigue with the concept of culture and bold execution in some of their earliest forays into street art earned them the moniker "Sticker Lady", a nickname lovingly given by the city in reference to the saga that was birthed from their work in the streets.


Since then, the artist's work - whether installations, large scale murals or digital designs, has been centered on understanding the world around us and how our actions are interdependent. 


Haikel Yusuff_photo.jpg


Creative Technologist

Haikel Yusuff is an art director with a practice grounded by playfulness and experimentation.


Together with interests in technology and the aspects of materiality, it has helped him to conceive diverse forms of visual communication.


Adopting that method, he has worked across several mediums ranging from digital design to interactive installations. He has also presented individual and collaborative works at locations such as the ArtScience Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, Singapore Art Museum and more.

*Terms and conditions apply. If unsure, please email
  1.  Who can apply?
     Singaporeans, PR or youths residing in Singapore with a valid Employment Pass, S Pass or Student Pass, ages 14 – 35 years old*. Proof of identity for verification may be required and must be produced when requested. Students, industry professionals, freelancers are all welcome!

  2. How can I apply?
    Applications are now closed.
    BUT you are welcomed to join our Masterclasses for free!


  3. What should I submit in my portfolio?
    5- 10 pieces of your best work. *Hint* Try including some of the following:
    - A range of drawing skills

    - Experiments with a range of media, printmaking, photography
    - Typography, illustration, layout, design sheets
    - Screen-based/ digital work
    - 3D work and making skills in wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, card, fabric, etc
    - Sketchbooks demonstrating research, idea generation, and problem-solving
    - Anything else that promotes your creativity and originality!


  4. What formats can I use?
    All work should be uploaded onto the platforms listed in the submission form. It can be a link to your website, a shared folder via GoogleDrive, DropBox, or any online platform.

  5. Do I have to pay a fee to participate?
    Good news: NO! :D

  6. When is the deadline for application?
    2359 (GMT +8) on 19 April 2021

  7. Who are the mentors?
    Ernest, Sam and Haikel. Scroll up!

  8. When is the Portfolio Review?
    It will be conducted either on 2 May 2021 or 8 May 2021.

  9. How are the mentees selected?
    The quality and potential of the work submitted, the willingness to dedicate time to the programme, and the ability to express professional goals and artistic self-growth are some points to note.

  10. How are mentors and mentees matched?
    The matchmaking will largely be based on mentees' aspirations and mentors' experience, and the interests of both parties.

  11. What can I expect from this mentorship?
    May - October 2021
    Mentorship begins!
    12 mentorship sessions (Face-to-face meetings, office visits, web-based related tools)

    June 2021
    Submission of your wall design with your fellow mentees

    September - October 2021
    Production of the wall art


  12. Are there other activities apart from the mentorship?
    Yes, there are workshops and talks for all to attend! Click here for deets.

  13. HELP! I am facing some difficulties. Who can I contact?

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