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Rifyal Giffari

Back to his roots

The monsters from Rifyal Giffari's latest supernatural film, Roots, reside between the trees. Are they a figment from a child's active imagination or is it simply because a child has more visual clarity than an adult? Who are these monsters? And most importantly, can they be defeated?

Together with producer, Angelina Marilyn Bok and an amazing crew of talent, Rifyal tells a story about a young girl who is facing difficulties in preparation of her family tree presentation in school and a supernatural entity comes into picture. Nuh-uh. And we thought it's bad enough having to do a presentation about your very own dysfunctional family in class. 

Behind-the-scenes photos are taken by Axel Toh as shown below, 'well-drawn' out thoughts from Rifyal himself below-low!

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