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With every project that we undertake, we share our love and appreciation for the arts that bring joy to many. We specialise in curating programmes suited to your target audience and maximising the potential in community engagement.

Drop us a message if you want to collaborate!


After-Hours Wall Art Competition

It's a race against time and test on grit when our participants spend 12 hours overnight to complete a wall art mural at *SCAPE. Each team is given a theme on the spot and everyone comes up with an interesting result. Click here to see more!

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32CM x Slurping Good

Wearing a mask is a norm, wearing a mask lanyard is making a fashion statement! Using colourful threads and pretty beads, our participants create their own unique strand of mask lanyard that serves both functional and aesthetic purposes.


Somerset by Youth (SSBY)

Part of the Somerset Belt initiative in 2021, Somerset By Youth was a 7-month mentorship programme led by professional artists, Ernest Goh, Sam Lo and AR technologist, Haikel Yusuff. Apart from refreshing three art walls along Somerset Belt, SSBY ran a series of physical and virtual masterclasses that cover topics such as sustainability in art, 3D pixels, art and the environment, and more. 

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