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Mental Wellness Workshops (MEW)

"Self care is how you take your power back."

In the rapid moving society, we often think it is an indulgence to take time for ourselves. Just like how we take care of our physical self by eating right and exercising regularly, it is also important (if not more) to take care of our mind and inner beings.

We believe that being in the present helps. Whether it is sipping a new blend of tea or creating a piece of art that speaks volumes to your current state of mind, doing things for yourself is ultimately beneficial to feel at peace again. 

Rejuvenate your sensory experiences with 32CM's curated mental wellness workshops. It is time to take time for yourself.

Be it for students' or corporate wellness activities, write to us to find out more.



Designing and customising your own accessories

Be it a mask lanyard or wrist candy, threading bead by bead does wonders for the soul when the sense of satisfaction kicks in - a beautiful and unique product, made by your very own hands!

Photo 10-12-21, 1 53 45 PM.jpg

Tea Appreciation

Enjoying a cup of tea brew that suits your moods and  needs

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tea appreciation 01.jpg


Building an ornamental terrarium from scratch

Imagine a pretty terrarium at the corner of your desk...  The human eye can see green better than any colour.  Soothing and calming, building a terrarium for yourself is one of the best gifts you can have.

plant 02.jpg

Scented Sanitiser

Keeping your hands sanitised while smelling lovely

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scented sanitiser 03.jpg
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