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Zhou Peixuan

Say it with flowers

Flowers hold meanings and symbolism; they can also convey messages and wishes. Peixuan does not just make flowers out of resin, she reads flowers. It is interesting to know the stories behind each pair of earrings she creates. It is not just replicating the intrinsic beauty of flowers, she takes careful consideration on the choice of colours, the adornment of leaves and sparkling beads, the bends and twists of the wire frame to produce the desired effects.

It all started when Peixuan wanted to make her own accessories for her wedding last year. This unexpected venture led to the birth of marshmellowneh, a name that was not meant to be that ends up being the one to be.


Peixuan's detailed workmanship does justice to the actual flowers that they are modelled after. She hopes that these earrings amplify your personality. And the best thing? These flowers last.


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