Jillian Boon

Making it work

Jillian has a beautiful home. There is an activity corner for her children's playthings and books. Next to it is a balcony filled with ample, glorious sunlight. She has a proper work table set up with her art tools and books. A home filled with things you love is indeed a beautiful home.

"I actually paint upstairs in my bedroom," Jillian confessed. With a big, wide tray that was used for... well, other things, it has become a mobile desktop for her watercolour set-up. "I call myself the 'nap-time painter' because I paint when my kids are having their naps." 

From the above revelations, I deduce that Jillian does not waste time. Being a mother of three (her youngest is less than a year old), it means that she has to be efficient with her workflow and often has to make good decisions with how she wants to spend her time.

She loves to paint flowers because "flowers are forgiving". The same flower can look different from a different angle and it does not always have to look symmetrical. She browses photo books for inspiration and references. She has started to do more landscape painting recently because she likes picturesque sceneries with Wes Andersons' vibes.

Being a (former) child psychologist, Jillian has a deep understanding of how the human mind works. She shares that humans lean towards structural learning. We always want to draw all five petals of the flower 'correctly'. Flowers or any real life objects often do not look static or 'correct'. To do art, we can try to unlearn what we are used to - and one of the ways to do that is to try to paint with your non-dominant hand. 

An impromptu painting excursion with her friend at a cafe at Gardens by the Bay marks the beginning of her artistic journey as an adult. Painting is a form of relaxation for Jillian. She tries to paint every day and has even kickstart her art workshops at brushmovement to help people who want to create as well. To Jillian, anyone can create. You just need to accept mess and muster up your courage to try.

"If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen." 

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