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Evan Low

aka evanturetime

Before we started the interview proper, I casually asked evanturetime what he has been busy with these days. He took an innocuous slip of paper that was lying on his desk and began to count. " I have about 18 more songs to finish by the end of the week," he answered nonchalantly. For the record, he had just launched a new song, "if it's with you" with Marian Carmel and Tim De Cotta the week before our interview, and before that, he was part of the duo behind NDP 2021's theme song, "The Road Ahead" with Linying. The industrious music producer is also by far, one of the fastest in the START series to complete the handwritten questionnaire (located at the end of this page).

Music producers often go by unnoticed and he is very okay with it. "It is how it is." He enjoys working with fellow musicians like Benjamin Kheng and Inch Chua. He even shares a cosy and well-maintained studio space with the latter.


evanturetime comes across as open and honest, someone who has given a lot of thoughts about definition of success and life. He likes what he does for a living but it does not stop him from living. "I work nine-to-five, or rather, a regular amount of working hours. Work can never be done."


That's striking the right key for a work-life balance. Take note.

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