Rachel Ma

Food stamps for the hungry

When I first stepped into Rachel's home (also her studio), she was in the middle of  rectifying a shipping issue with a delivery vendor. Her brows furrowed and she was anxious to settle it before she had to fly off the next day.

" Stamp (carving) isn't the difficult part of the job," she told me. Indeed, for most artists we met, dealing with things that are not within their control is more difficult than the job itself. 

True to her brand name, Rachel's stamps often make people drool. She carves out the most delicious-looking food stamps that inspire real cravings. Rachel pens her ideas in a small notebook and thereafter, all she needs are basically a few cutter tools and a block of rubber to manifest her ideas into life. This is where the simplicity ends.


From cheerful, cute illustrations of food to startling realism of familiar objects, Rachel creates her stamps with finesse and a certain level of complexity. For a singular item, she may carve a few stamps to build layers and colours to complete the image. The results are amazing and her stamps bring fulfilment to many journal-lovers' hearts.

Rachel answers our questions