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Joyce Lim

Waste not

Henri Matisse's wise words, "creativity takes courage" ring true when craftmaker Joyce launched her eco-friendly lifestyle concept store, CHOKMAH (pronounce as 'hokmah', with a silent C) during the rising peak of COVID-19 back in early 2020. 

Formerly a polymer clay artist, Joyce felt the dissonance of creating beautiful things but not being able to create sustainability in the materials that she used. Through research, trial and error, Joyce discovered Jesmonite, a gypsum-based eco-friendly resin found in the UK that can be upcycled for... forever. Unlike Humpty Dumpty, fragments of Jesmonite pieces can be put back together again. You have to check out the eclectic "Broken Made Whole" collection on the website. 

The moment we stepped into CHOKMAH, Joyce declared that we were to make our own pill-shaped jewellery tray. "The only way to understand how Jesmonite works is to experience making (the ware) yourself."


Mixing, stirring, pouring, tapping, sanding... it felt like it was our first day of work as a junior kitchen staff. Joyce must have had done it hundreds of times but she still worked on her tray with good cheer and joviality. Her love for the art shines like a beacon in the night. To do what you love with a clear conscience is liberating indeed.

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