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Ng Sze Kiat

Making room for growth

Farming is one of the most laborious professions in any era. For almost a decade, Sze Kiat specialises in mushrooms at Bewilder. Thanks to him, we just discovered what 'mycological' means. The research and development of how to obtain the optimum environment for these fungi to grow well is an ongoing process. 

By building a homegrown base of Ganoderma and Cordyceps, it allows Singaporeans to have a direct supply and access to beneficial fungi that will improve our health. Sze Kiat's vision is to educate more people about the mushroom growing culture through his grow kits and live mushroom arts.

His exhibition, 'Enter the Mush Room' will be at Edible Garden City in Funan until 23 February 2021. 


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