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Lois Teo

Loving life

In one of Singapore's most idyllic neighbourhoods, Lois runs an art studio, ART ETC for anyone who wants to take a short respite from the humdrum of their life. The art jamming sessions and craft workshops are suitable for both children and adults; it is a great way to spend time together with your loved ones or just simply spending time with yourself.​

Lois often collaborates with fellow artists who will use the studio to run workshops such as embroidery, painting, and etc. Lois herself teaches acrylic paint pouring and is often amazed by the beauty of the art pieces created by her students. Apart from art-making, we discover that Lois appreciates food (she can easily name several food shows that you shouldn't miss on Netflix) and she enjoys spending time with her children and dog. This is life worth living.

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