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Bee is someone who is always quick to ask how we are and she only talks about herself when prompted. She is cognisant of her individuality and personal style, and at the same time, extremely humble about her abilities as a creative.

"Sorry to make you come all the way here just to get an interview," she said woefully when we arrived at her place (which is honestly not the most difficult place to get to). "But I love living here," she added quickly. "I'd want to get a place of my own in this area."

And she will. Her bedroom is a cosy nook, with a pretty hammock as a statement piece. Her shelves are filled with well-thumbed books and quirky collectibles. Favourite pieces (I assume) of her work wallpapered around her desk. It is a visual feast. 


She has been an illustrator for years, working under the alias, almostasthma. Recently, she began her apprenticeship at Time Tattoo, learning the tools of the trade. She first started hand-poke tattooing in her bedroom, feeling as sheepish as she is right now about making clients come to her place, all for a tattoo. 

And why not? Her art has a distinctive cheeky flavour. Her subjects are usually anthropomorphic animals or creatures, drawn in bright and striking colours. She is also the designer behind our *ahem* successful Somerset By Youth logo and most recently, *SCAPE's wall art mural competition, After Hours. Working with Bee is a breeze. She is fast, accommodating and most importantly, she gets it. 

I asked her to fill up our usual Q&As, and she finished the task effortlessly with aplomb. Procreate for her is like Microsoft Word for us.

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