About Us

32CM is an agency that supports and harnesses the vibrant and expressive energies of creatives to build the strength within communities.


With the goal of creating greater impact through community building, 32CM follows an engagement process that prioritises joy and meaning together with our networks of partners.

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Our Approach

Bringing people together to create is the rule of thumb.


Rethinking how we connect public institutes, businesses, creatives and communities


Discovering new reasons and platforms to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders

Evolving to create new content and experiences to engage your audience

Being passionate about our projects and driving us to bring value to the communities and for greater good





Our focus is to spark magic by integrating arts and culture in communities. We believe in co-creating with partners for community development and sustainability. 


Ideas are unlimited and the possibilities bring us the adrenaline rush.

Community Engagement Strategy

  • Asset-based community development

  • Community and creative stakeholders mapping and assembly

  • Target market research



  • Creative conceptualisation

  • Stakeholders matching and programme management

  • Events planning and management of any scale



  • Analytical reporting

  • Performance tracking


The Team

Count us in!

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Valerie Ong

Shwu Peng-2.jpg

Shwu Peng

Zu Wee-2.jpg

Zu Wee

Community Friends

Just an arm's length away

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