L-R: Valerie, Zu Wee, Shwu Peng

Hello! We are 32CM!

We started 32CM with a background in community-building and media expertise from our past work experiences. As we try to make sense of the fast-changing world that requires us to be duly efficient and go-getting, we realise that it is also important (if not more) to relish arts and culture in good time. We need it. You need it. It is because we are humans.

The human connection is an amazing phenomenon that is happening daily, closely, and often all around you, like Dolby Stereo. It is what drives us, makes us feel less alone and keeps us in touch with our inner senses and self-reflection... what we feel inside radiates on the outside.

We hope that by building programmes and connecting with artists from all walks of life, we will bring joy to many and create amazing things together.


Meaning &

Being passionate about our projects and driving us to bring value to the communities and for greater good


Evolving to create new content and experiences to engage your audience


Rethinking how we connect public institutes, businesses, creatives and communities


Discovering new reasons and platforms to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders

Bringing people together to create is the rule of thumb.

What we can do...

Community Engagement Strategy

  • Asset-based community development

  • Community and creative stakeholders mapping and assembly

  • Target market research

Programmes Development

  • Creative conceptualisation

  • Stakeholders matching and programme management

  • Events planning and management of any scale


  • Analytical reporting

  • Performance tracking


  • Collaboration and managing projects with creatives

Friends & Partners